Demand For Toning Tummy Treatments Soars As New Mothers Rush To Copy The Duchess Of Cambridge’s Washboard Abs.

SARWhen the Duchess of Cambridge joined in a game of volleyball last week, the royal tummy was on display in all its svelte glory.

As mothers marvelled at Kate’s lithe figure – 89 days since the birth of George – there was widespread speculation about how she did it.

And it seems that new mothers are so desperate to emulate the royal’s toned tummy, that they are turning to fat-freezing treatments.

One Harley Street clinic has witnessed a staggering 650 per cent increase in demand for fat-freezing tummy sculpting treatments.

Soon after the pictures of Kate’s toned stomach appeared in the press, there was a rush of young mothers calling up the clinic for fat-freezing treatments.

The clinic has been taking 10 bookings a day from young mothers seeking a washboard stomach like Kate’s – and they expect to see 90 women booked in by the end of today.

The treatment can cost as much as £1,000, claims to target hard to shift post-pregnancy fatty deposits, which have been dubbed the dreaded ‘mummy-tummy’, by taking over two inches of fat off the waistline in one session.

A spokesperson at the LoveLite Harley Street clinic said: ‘We started receiving an unprecedented number of calls last Friday for tummy treatments and almost all were from mothers who had recently given birth. We normally make about 12 new bookings a week, but in less than two days we had 40.


‘The phone was ringing off the hook and there were quite a few bookings left on voicemail over the weekend and the bookings have continued at the rate of about 10 a day all through this week.

‘We usually ask callers what prompted them to seek out the treatment and on Friday and over the weekend almost all said they wanted to get a flat stomach like Kate’s.

‘Many said they had failed to get their initial figure back after three months – even with a good diet and fitness regime and now needed extra help to shift the stubborn fatty area around their midriff.’

It is thought that the 31-year-old Duchess of Cambridge got her trim figure back with long walks with her dog, ante-natal yoga and the odd burst on the rowing machine.

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