Brothers From Aarhus Will Be Charged In Terrorism Case.

ARHUSAarhus (AGGM):The indictment has one brother received training in Somalia, while the other has provided assistance to stay. Both have given money to known terrorist organization.

Two Danish-Somali brothers, respectively, 19 and 24 from Aarhus will be charged with terrorism and training for terrorism. This was stated by Director of Public Prosecutions Monday.

“The prosecution appeals to the two brothers to jointly have organized and funded the elder brother’s stay in a Somali training camp, which is controlled by the known terrorist group al-Shabaab,” explains Attorney Jens Ron, Director of Public Prosecutions.

indictment against the two brothers from Aarhus comes after Justice Minister Morten Bødskov (S) have joined the Attorney-General’s recommendation to prosecute the brothers after the terrorist provisions of the Criminal Code.

According to the indictment stayed the 24-year-old brother in a few months to March 2012 in a training camp near the Somali capital Mogadishu, where he received training, instruction or other training to commit terrorist acts.

The 19-year-old brother is accused of having provided assistance to big brother’s training camps, while both brothers are accused of providing financial support to the terrorist organization al-Shabaab.

It was the Police Intelligence Service (PET), which in late May last year arrested the two brothers. It was suspected that them to be in the process of planning a terrorist act. One man was arrested at his home in Aarhus, while the other was arrested after he had landed at Copenhagen Airport.

Those arrested are both Danish citizens, and they have lived in Denmark for the last 16 years. Since his arrest in late May, they have both been in custody.

case against the two brothers will be addressed by the Court of Aarhus. The prosecution is expected that the criminal proceedings initiated 11th March this year.

Source:By Thomas Søgaard Rohde, Berlingske News

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